Staffing Print


The work of SHEC among the poor requires certain qualities such as love for the poor, desire for communion with God. Some skills are also needed such as community organizing. These are the ideal ones. But since only a few who are interested to work among the poor, anybody who comes and applies is taken in as long as she or he has the minimum requirements. In the course of the probation period, he/she is given more training.


Staff Development and Career Management

Out of the desire of the management to make the staff have a sense of fulfillment, staff development plans are drawn. The purpose is to make the staff more equipped in their respective field of interests and be able to render their best qualified service to the poor. Some are then taking short and long term courses.



Before, the compensation of staff was computed only on the basis on their voluntary work. This happened when SHEC was only starting. But as time passed by, more and more staffs were employed with different experiences and educational backgrounds. SHEC, then, devised some ways to improve this field in order to be just in giving benefits to the staffs. Salary grades and levels of promotion have been designed for the staff to enjoy the fruits of their labor.