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First, SHEC wants to follow Jesus from the eyes of the poor. This time, Jesus is seen not from the dogmas formulated by well known dogmatic theologians, nor from the perspective of the west which is most of the times, anchored on the dichotomy between matter and form. But simply, Jesus is seen from the perspective of the struggling, awakened poor who want to liberate themselves from the bondage of poverty. This makes a lot of difference because Jesus is known not from how others have interpreted him but how he has revealed himself to the lowly.  Thus, in order to fully know Him, one has to know the poor, live with them and learn from them. Only then can Jesus be understood as a compassionate God, liberator of the oppressed as testified in Ex 20:2-3, and proclaimer of the Kingdom of God especially to the poor as seen in Lk 4:16-21. There are only a few religious groups in the world which follow Jesus Christ based on this perspective. In the Philippines, there are only some religious groups like the Third Look at Jesus Movement, Francisicans, Camilians, Passionists, Rogationists and others. But SHEC, as a group, not as individuals, is one of a kind which strictly follows the biblical Jesus from the perspective of the poor by living literally with them.


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