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  • Program

The very start of any program is immersion. The result of immersion is integration with the people, thus, intensifying solidarity with them. Later on, scientific data gathering was conducted. The result of the survey states that they have so many concerns. But we started with housing then livelihood, health, education and values formation respectively.
The following are the indicators of success when it comes to empowerment:

The people are taught to start from reality by making the survey by themselves
They are assisted to analyze the result of the survey
They are guided to plan for their own basing on their analysis
One of their plans was the successful formation and registration in SEC of their organization which is St. Hannibal Christian Community
Ability to facilitate meetings even without us
Sense of owning their organization by having the initiatives to look for ways to improve it by setting up leadership trainings
Formation of Council of Servant leaders
Regular average attendance of participants during weekly meetings
Regular barangay meetings
Organized area masses
Active participation on committee meetings
Compliance with some requirements such as membership fees, community mappings and submission of survey forms
Voluntary moral support for Bro. Ranier about their plight
Formation of different committees such as on livelihood, health, values, education, research, finance and research
Tie up with other congregations and agencies
  • Personnel
    At least, each program is now taken charge of by certain persons such as: education – Hernan, health – Max, Values formation – Ranier, Livelihood – Mely, Housing – Fr. Dexter. However, all of the programs are under the supervision of Fr. Dexter.
    There is an increasing number of volunteers especially in education
    Commitment to work for the mission of SHEC is more intense on the part of the personnel due to constant moments of prayer during masses and meditations
  • Finance
    • The average amount of expenses is becoming stable. For a month, almost P80,000 is the regular expenses. However, there is also a gradual increase of sponsors and donors for the programs of SHEC especially on scholarship
  • Registration of SHEC in SEC
    • SHEC was registered in Securities and Exchange Commission last July 28, 2005. This makes it easier to relate with other funding agencies.
  • Advocacy
    • SHEC uses several ways to promote her spirit. First, living out the causes of  SHEC. This has inspired people who are coming over to SHEC. Secondly, sharing by teaching the biblical and charismaric foundations of SHEC to Religious Brothers, Rogationist novices, Aspirants of the Daughters of Divine Zeal, volunteers  has made SHEC attractive as a way of finding fulfillment in life.



1. Shared Financial Assistance for the purchase of BPI Lot which is P27M and for livelihood program (RCJ – 11M, DDZ – 11M, SHEC 11M)
2. Awareness of the spirit of SHEC by integrating it in the formative years according to the level of formation
3. Regularization of Mely Nadunop as an employee of SHEC
4. Fixing of the bank accounts such signatories and renaming of account names and consolidation of the two peso accounts
5. Formal settlement of the status of Max, Hernan and Ranier in order to give what is proper to them.
6. Possibility of borrowing a car on Tuesdays for our meditation


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