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Last July 11, 2012, (more than 300) families at Brgy. 156 were literally tested by fire as their houses were set on fire and turned into ashes. Pertinent to the incident, the leaders of Brgy. 156, the fire victims and SHEC staff held a meeting the following day, July 12, 2012.. They also met with Mayor Calixto at the Pasay City Hall last July 13, 2012 to seek assistance for their plight. Despite its negativities, the event manifested once more that God’s heart cannot be outdone in generosity, for in one way or the other, generous people, touched by God, shared time and treasure to help the victims. God’s ways are mysterious, indeed, but his heart has one certain and clear mission—it ardently longs and works for total salvation which will be absolutely realized when his Kingdom definitively comes. For now, we just have to do our part to share in God’s mission in the best way we can. Helping the unfortunate, like the fire victims, is a concrete way to do so


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