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The ‘Our Father’ of My Childhood
The Contexts of the Story
The Historical Context of the Our Father
My Historical Context
Blending Contexts in an On-going History
Companions on the Way
The Word ‘Debt/Indebted’ in the Our Father
Main Focus on Luke 11:4
Usual Interpretation of ‘Sin’ and ‘Debt’
Larger Than Sin
Indebtedness in Jesus’ Historical Setting
Where has the Jubilee Year Gone?
Rabbi Hillel’s Prosbul
The Significance of the Word ‘Debt’
The Jubilee Year in the Lk 4:16-30
More Than Sin-Orientation: The Kingdom of God
Breaking Fixed or Petrified Perspectives
Re-reading Lk 11:4 Through Jesus’ Eyes
Re-reading Lk 11:4 Through the Eyes of an Awakened, Poor Jew
Re-reading Lk 11:4 in the Larger Context of Luke’s Gospel
Lk 18: 18-27: a Commentary on Luke’s ‘Our Father’.
Social Justice in the Larger Context of Luke-Acts
Re-reading Lk 11:4 in the Context of Acts 2 and 4
Re-reading Luke 11:4 in My Context
The Need for an Alternative Spirituality
Before We Part Ways: Time to Recharge and Refresh
As We Part
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Blending Contexts in an On-going History. My biblical heritage and my life situations as they blend in history constitute the wider contexts of the story and alternative reading of the ‘Our Father’ of my childhood. So far, I have discovered that my own life-journey with the prayer has significantly inspired and molded me to work (albeit in limited ways) for the transformation of history according to the Kingdom-mission of Jesus who first taught the ‘Our Father’ to his disciples two thousand years ago. Since then the prayer has been taught to generations including mine. Having learned it even before I went to school, the prayer was carved so clearly in my heart. I knew it so well that I won chocolates each time I recited it best in my elementary days. But childhood affairs have to be outgrown, though not forgotten. I had to move on beyond the motivation of chocolates in order to discover and live out the more mature and holistic challenges of the prayer. Along the way, I have found out that prayers also reflect what I must believe and ought to practice (lex orandi, lex credendi, lex agendi[3], so they say). I have realized then that the ‘Our Father’ is not only about petitions. It is also a treasure chest of wisdom that can shape my consciousness and way of life.

My understanding of the ‘Our Father’ has been always enriched and nourished in the course of my life-journey. Furthermore, as I continue to move forward and constantly search for the prayer’s dynamic and concrete meaning, I also find myself going ‘backwards’ whenever I rediscover, within my reach, the pulsating realities associated with the prayer as it was uttered in the historical circumstances of Jesus’ time. Regarding this progressive-retrospective movement or two-fold journey, I have found out that one thing which remains constant in life is the process towards integration. An authentic life-journey is not a matter of leaving the past behind. Rather, it is about discovering new things that have to blend with historical legacies. Growth then is the integration of the past and the present that shapes the future -- it is about a two-fold journey of recovery and re-contextualization that dynamically results in on-going transformation. For a Christian like me, the core of this journey, at least, lies in a meaningful dialogue between the biblical Jesus and contemporary situations, in view of promoting total salvation or the Kingdom of God.


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