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Performance Management

At the outset of the year, there is a normal evaluation and planning. There from, plans are made. The staff and volunteers are evaluated regularly. The purpose is to improve their performance as individuals and as a group.


Reward System

SHEC believes in the goodness of the person. Whatever he or she does is always a consequence of what is inside. This is a philosophy of SHEC. One way to harness this is by rewarding the staff and to those who have done something good for the beneficiaries and partners of SHEC. 


Financial Planning

In SHEC, everything depends on God. This includes the provision of money from God through the superiors. When SHEC started, it only depended on the financial assistance given by the superiors. Due to limited financial assistance, SHEC is coming up with some ways to have income generating projects in order to sustain its administration.


Information System

It is the desire of SHEC that the work be known to others in order to share the experience to those who have the same interest of working with the poor. There are initiatives undertaken such as website design, magazine, song writing, video and PowerPoint presentations and brochures.