Thank you and Good-bye, Grace! Print

More than anything, it is about the vocation to help in the promotion of God’s Kingdom, especially its Good News to the Poor. But there are times that one has to leave SHEC for other noble reasons. But  the spirit of service continues, for deep in the Kingdom worker’s heart, the values imbibed will always exude from his/her being wherever the Spirit might lead him/her to be. The seeds of the Kingdom continue to grow everywhere when this happens. It is always a sad moment to throw a despedida, but it has to be done when it comes. Last June 3, 2013, SHEC had to bid good-bye to Mary Grace Dalay. “Thank you, Grace for sharing yourself with SHEC, SHaCC, PABaNAL, RYM SHaCC and PABaNAL chapters! You may leave SHEC, but your goodness will bring SHEC to wherever you go!”