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Thirdly, SHEC strives to address the concerns of the poor in a comprehensive manner. Jesus Christ treated the poor during his time as persons and not as souls or bodies separately, but as total human persons. When he forgave sins, healing of the body was also included. He considered a person in its totality. SHEC, in this respect, also strives to address the needs of the poor by considering their total human well being. Thus, in its development programs, integral human programs are developed such as values formation, housing, education, livelihood, etc. Most of the assisting groups in Manila have their specific program as their main focus. For instance, Habitat for Humanity is working only for building socialized housing for the poor. SHEC also works for housing but this is together with livelihood, education, values formation and other programs in order to fully support their monthly amortizations in housing. There is also the  Gawad Kalinga (GK).  They also work for the low-cost housing together with livelihood, values formation and other programs. They encourage housing beneficiaries to render sweat equity instead of letting them pay for their houses. Literally, the beneficiaries do not pay anything for their houses. Like GK, SHEC is more or less the same. The only difference is that SHEC requires the housing beneficiaries to pay their houses in a longer period of time at an affordable rate. This is to let the poor put more value on their houses when they are exerting more effort to look for money to pay their houses. This is SHEC’s way of empowering the poor, thus, dignifying them. Besides, SHEC gives the beneficiaries the possibility to own their lots or housing units after full payment. This is to develop the security of tenure. Caritas-Manila also has comprehensive programs for the integral development of the poor human persons. But unlike SHEC, they do not have housing component at this time. This is just to show the differences in principles of the different assisting generous groups. This deserves esteem.


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