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Sept- Aug 2004: SHEC conducted a validation of the survey through consultation meetings with the people. Those occupying areas along esteros were made more aware that they are living on a danger zone, hence the need for more secure housing was confirmed as the top priority for community action. Possible solutions were explored with in-city relocation as the most acceptable solution to the housing problems of those in the danger zone

September. 2004: SHEC, together with the representatives of the affected communities initiated the search for possible relocation sites. The vacant lot in Rodriguez was identified for further exploration

November 2004: A research was undertaken to determine the owner of said vacant lot. Copies of land titles were secured from the Assessorís Office

Dec. 5, 2004: A General Assembly was held and participated in by people from all the six barangays. The peopleís petitions and demands for housing were presented to officials from concerned government agencies and NGOs

Jan 24, 2005: SHEC had an initial meeting with BPI personnel (Ms. Yvonne Lee and Mr. Israel Cuz). BPI expressed willingness to negotiate for the selling of the property. The selling price was initially set at PhP 42 million

February 2005: An initial proposal was prepared by Habitat for Humanity to construct medium-rise buildings within the BPI property as housing for the families to be relocated

March 2005: SHEC had a second meeting with BPI personnel, Ms. Lee and Mr. Cruz, to negotiate for a lower price of the property. BPI acceded to lower the price to PhP 27 million

May 2005: SHEC furnished a copy of the community profile to BPI with an appeal to further lower the selling price to make this affordable to the people; Ms Lee and Mr. Israel subsequently referred the appeal to the concerned BPI Departmentóthe said appeal was turned down.

July 2005: Saint Hannibal Christian Community (SHaCC), was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission

August 2005: A Framework Plan for SHaCC was completed, outlining the lines of actions to be pursued in regard to community development for the six barangays including those on housing

October 10, 2005: A letter was sent to Don Zobel de Ayala seeking for support in the acquisition and development of the BPI property as relocation site for those in the danger zones. As per information gathered, this was forwarded to Mr. Montinola. SHEC is still awaiting for response to date.

October 14, 2005: The proposals for housing were presented to HUDCC and NHA. The said agencies committed to provide support

October 27, 2005: An inter-agency consultation meeting on housing was conducted with representatives/officials from concerned government bodies and agencies, namely: Pasay City Housing Board, three City Councilors, concerned Barangay Captains, PCUP, DENR, DPWH, MMDA, NHA, and Phil. Reclamation Authority. A consensus was arrived at to further detail the proposals and conduct a more regular consultation with concerned agencies

November 2005: SHEC and SHaCC leadership decided to package the relocation of communities in the danger zone as a stand-alone project and a priority proposal on housing


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