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At times it is apparently ironic…so paradoxical that it even appears unjust…But one thing is certain: God’s heart suffers with us, as evidenced by his only son hanging on the cross. And God suffers most when we suffer. And he chooses to suffer out of his unfathomed love for us, especially for the poor and the oppressed.

A heart which willingly and happily suffers so others may concretely live in love -- this we can also learn from St. Hannibal and St. Camillus. St. Hannibal was a devotee of St. Camillus. He was in fact very instrumental for the stay of St. Camillus’ relic, his heart in particular, at Messina. This July in which we celebrate the feast of St. Camillus, we remember and emulate the commonality of St. Camillus’ and St. Hannibal’s hearts: they are hearts “according to God’s heart” (see Jer 3:15), that is, they are hearts full of compassion especially for the poorest of the poor. Theirs were hearts patterned after God’s heart: a heart which generously exudes love which, according to Benedict XVI, is “the service that the Church carries out in order to attend constantly to man’s sufferings and his needs, including material needs” (Deus Caritas Est #19).


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