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The St. Hannibal Empowerment Center (SHEC) is inviting generous and loving people like you to spread the Christmas Spirit by helping us build the Almost Heaven Retreat Center which aims to enhance the spiritual life of the poor, promote the culture  and the sustainable livelihood program of the indigenous, advance organic farming, promote the use of renewal energy and sustain SHEC’s ongoing programs, to wit: housing (414 units built for 414 poor families – more units are still to be constructed), education and youth formation (90 scholars), livelihood (organic production), environment, health, justice and peace and values formation (recollections and spiritual renewals).

You may help us by being a sponsor. Being so, you may send us your donations in cash or in the form of materials for the construction of the retreat center. A separate sheet is provided for about the specific way by which you may help us.

In the name of the infant Jesus, we confidently knock at the door of your kind heart. With this, we thank you in advance.

A Blessed Christmas!


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